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Arava Calming Chamomile - Lavender Israeli Herbal Tea

Arava Calming Chamomile - Lavender Israeli Herbal Tea

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Tea Tin with 20 Teabags.

The ShalvaTea™ Calming Chamomile-Lavender blend is an aromatic mix of calming herbs, including nourishing lemongrass, a pinch of spearmint, and a bit of licorice for a full-bodied naturally sweet tea with a soothing touch. A perfect tea in the evenings, on chilly days, or for an upset stomach.

This blend was inspired by the native plants of the Arava Valley of southern Israel, home to a delicate array of aromatic and hearty herbs nestled far below sea level. Part of the ancient Incense Route connecting the Middle East with Africa, the valley gets rain only in the winter months, leaving the desert-adapted chamomile to flourish in the partial shade of dry river beds throughout the summer.

40 gr - gross weight 100 gr


Chamomile, lemongrass, spearmint, licorice, lavender.

Kosher. Vegan. Caffeine-Free.

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