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Beit Saida (Green Seal) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Beit Saida (Green Seal) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Beit Saida, our boldest variety of extra virgin olive oil, is cold-pressed from green olives picked early in the harvest season, using a mélange of local species. The result is delightfully aromatic, with a distinctly peppery and fruity taste.

Our unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed from olives grown on our family farm, is a rich, natural source of antioxidants. We harvest and press our olives on the same day, ensuring a superiorly low acidity level (0.4% max). A lower acidity indicates that the olive fruit has undergone less damage, resulting in a healthier olive oil and a fresher, tastier flavor.

400 ml - Gross weight 480 gr


Olea europaea (Olives).

How to use

Not only for salads! This olive oil is also an excellent choice for cooking. We recommend this variety for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern-inspired dishes, and recipes that call for a bold olive flavor.s!

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