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Carmel Rejuvenating Hyssop-Rosemary Israeli Herbal Tea

Carmel Rejuvenating Hyssop-Rosemary Israeli Herbal Tea

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Tea Tin with 20 Teabags.

The ShalvaTea™ Rejuvenating Za'atar-Rosemary blend is full of revitalizing herbs, including za’atar (aka hyssop), elderberry, raspberry leaf, and calendula. Zootah (aka white-leaved savory), fresh sumac, and rosemary round out the bold, soothing flavor that's both uplifting and energizing. A great tea for chilly weather and for when your system could use a boost, this tea packs a powerful punch, especially with a dollop of local honey.

This blend was inspired by the native herbs of the Carmel Mountains of northern Israel, forming a rare ecosystem rising straight up from the Mediterranean Sea. The coastal climate and varied elevation allow for an abundance of wild medicinal herbs, found in the understory of the majestic Carmel Forest.

40 gr - gross weight 100 gr


Rosemary, sumac, raspberry leaf, elderberry, zootah (white-leaved savory), za’atar (hyssop), calendula.

Kosher. Vegan. Caffeine-Free.

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