Natural silan

Natural silan

The nutritional value of natural silan

Natural silan without sugar or preservatives, with 100% quality and concentrated dates, is another health product that is considered to be very high in nutritional value, rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants and minerals. This, along with a relatively low calorie and sugary amount, makes silan a recommended substitute for sugar for a variety of foods and drinks.

About natural silane
Natural silane, also known as date honey or Dobos, is produced from concentrated extraction of dates, extracted from their cooking and squeezing, until a kind of smooth, liquid texture syrup is obtained. This concentrate originates in countries such as Libya and Iraq. It is actually a natural sweetener without the addition of sugar or preservatives, which has a wonderful flavor suitable for use with foods. Among other things, it is excellent for sweetening hot and cold beverages, for smearing bread, as a sweetener for muesli yogurt, and as an addition to tahini making a sweet spread. The silan is also excellent for baking, for pancakes, as a salad for salads and stews.

Nutritional values ​​of natural silan
Natural silan has a particularly high nutritional value resulting from its various components:

  • Vitamins - The silan is rich in vitamins 1B, vitamin 2B and vitamin 3B, which are important for energy supply to the body. That is, while other sweets like sugar have almost no vitamins.
  • Minerals - The silan is rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium which are important for strengthening bones and good for osteoporosis sufferers, as well as for balancing blood pressure, muscle, blood vessels and the nervous system and preventing inflammation. In addition, the silan contains iron that helps prevent anemia and is low in sodium.
  • Antioxidants - silan has polyphenols antioxidants that help lower blood fat levels and prevent bad cholesterol, thus contributing and protecting against various health problems like atherosclerosis and heart infarction.
  • Nutritional Fiber - The silan is rich in dietary fiber that helps digestion and constipation. They also increase satiety and are a great substitute for a slightly sweet diet.
  • Calories - In sugar-free silan the calories are less than 30 percent lower than sugar or honey, so it is a recommended sweet substitute, with one teaspoon of silan having about fourteen kcal.
  • Sugars - silan has about thirty percent less sugars than sugar and about twenty percent less than honey, with one teaspoon of silan containing about three grams of natural sugars.
  • Fat - One hundred grams of silan has about 0.4 grams of fat.
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