Collection: 424 below sea level

Manufacturers of Organic Gourmet Salt, with 26 amazing, food boosting flavors salts; spicy, mild, glamorous, and tasty, to name a few.
424 use solely Dead Sea Salt, contains significant values of more than 20 minerals, which translates to superior nutritional values. Like no other. It's the BEST salt in the world! 424 believe to have a great responsibility, aside from the refreshing and enhancing the culinary experience. Committed to preserving the environment with traditional and handmade processing.
424 have a vast social involvement awareness. Our workplace is a Rehabilitative Work Center, provides employment for special needs.
424 Salt is a Palestinian-Israeli venture; practicing cooperation and advancing a progressive vision for our region.

The right blend of a perfect, organic, top-quality product, together with environmental and social involvement, a partnership of the highest caliber. Kosher by the department of Haifa district.

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