Collection: Katerina

Katrina Organic Skincare - Nature's gift to your skin, a product of years of research, development, and learning, curiosity, and practice, its fruits are groundbreaking solutions for healing, nourishing and rejuvenating the skin.
All products are extracted from aromatherapy extracts, which are known for their increased absorption properties for all skin layers, the nervous system, and the blood, and have a healing and calming effect, for the body and mind.
Our advanced raw materials are all produced from a natural source and at the highest level. They contain the most innovative and leading ingredients in the world of anti-aging and include hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, vitamins, minerals, and active antioxidants - qualities that give us a name of advanced, evolving, and updated organic cosmetics Per day and hour to hour.
Our products are brewed in a boutique factory in small quantities, with great love, planning, and care and all the organic raw materials bear the strict European standard mark Cosmos. These materials have not been sprayed or synthetic fertilized and have no added chemicals or synthetic materials and of course have not been tested on animals.
Do all our products have an organism standard mark mean standard mark? 1. This is a special blue-and-white (!) The standard for organic cosmetics, supervised by the long-standing Agrior company in the organic market in Israel. The standard is based on the European standard for organic cosmetics. 2. Adherence to the production processes in the plant. The cleaning of the machines for organic production is supervised, and the plant is frequently inspected by inspections of the materials and machines.
3. A standard mark confirms that in all products, at least 70% of the components (excluding water) are approved as coming from organic farming. In addition to all oil-based products, the standard mark confirms that they contain 95% raw materials approved as organic.