Collection: Negohot

Award-winning Negohot Hive is a family business that specializes in producing healthy honey without heating and provides pollen services to farmers.

"The love for honey is inherent in our gardens."
Baruch, the man, and the bees are a member of an old bee family, which has been producing honey for over 50 years. In his youth, Baruch used to work with his father in hives on vacations, learned the profession, and fell in love with the wonderful world of bees. Later, he decided to set up a honey bee boutique in Negohot, seeking to produce a product he is proud of, uncompromisingly professional, and with a great deal of respect for the natural processes in the hive.

Today, Negohot Hive includes hundreds of beehives most of the time in the Lachish region, and migrate in accordance with the seasons for the pollination tasks in agricultural crops all over the country, from the Jezreel Valley to the Arava.

Although the number of hives grows from year to year, our principles remain the same:
100% pure and healthy honey, without any additions and without heating.
Such are we, soul farmers who love what they do. For us, there is no other option.