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Deep in the southern Negev, Neot Semadar is a large man-made oasis in the desert. It is an organic farm that emphasizes sensitivity towards the existing ecological balance in nature. Our interest in cooperative work and relationships includes the environment in which we live.
In spite of acute environmental conditions (extreme temperatures, scarce rainfall, salty soil, and low-quality water), we successfully grow a large variety of crops, including – apricot, nectarine, peach, plum, pear, apple and almonds, olive, citrus, date groves, and vineyards. In addition, we have a goat herd and a vegetable garden with a variety of herbs and spices. We cultivate a total of 400 acres (including ornamental gardens and woods).
To increase fertility, we make our own compost that enriches the soil. Our water supply for irrigation consists of water from drilling (chlorine: 250 mg/liter), brackish water, and recycled water. Kosher by the department of Rabbi Hadaya, Eilat district.

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  • Organic Date Syrup - Silan 420 gr
    Organic Date Syrup - Silan 420 gr-Neot Semadar-Israel Menu
    Neot Semadar
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