Collection: Olea Essence


We carved in stone the values we follow: family, respect, honor, innovation, reliability, responsibility, and sustainability. 

In 1997, we – the Talmon family – moved from the suburbs of Tel Aviv to the wild, beautiful nature of the Sea of Galilee region, choosing to live in a truly sustainable way. We began planting olive trees on our farm, knowing that olive trees have grown successfully in the region for millennia. We decided to start pressing and selling our own olive oil and built an olive oil mill dedicated exclusively to our family farm’s crop. As we grew and improved, we committed ourselves to the sustainable, environmentally conscientious way of cultivating olives, and our olive oil began to gain fame for its unparalleled high quality. 

Like other olive oil mills, we were also troubled with the olive residue, which harms both soil and water as a result of the high concentration of antioxidants, too much to absorb neither by man nor nature. We knew that such a high quantity of antioxidants is actually “too much of a good thing,” and wanted to explore the ways that we can harness the amazing traits of the olive for the benefit of both ourselves and the environment. We established a line of laboratories to explore the olive residue, olive oil, and their many virtues. Our mission was to develop olive-based skincare that is eco-responsible and fully natural, using all of the olives to the last molecule and disposing of nothing.

And that’s how Olea Essence was born.