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“Breathe” soy wax cubes

“Breathe” soy wax cubes

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Everyone has one of those stressful days, where the thoughts don't stop, and can't find rest. These wax cubes are made from a special aromatherapy blend of essential oils that help deep breathing, and also help relieve colds and nasal congestion.

The mixture of five different essential oils: peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and myrtle, which together create a refreshing scent. Eucalyptus and mint ease breathing and cough, treat congestion in the respiratory tract, myrtle supports the immune system and eases breathing, and tea tree helps disinfect the air and is a strong antibacterial.

Wax cubes are actually a substitute for essential oils that are added to oil burners.

Instructions for use: put a cube on the oil bowl of the burner, it melts with the heat. The cubes retain the scent for a much longer time than drops of essential oils because the wax keeps the oil from the heat, and on the other hand, it melts more slowly than a scented candle because the cube does not have direct contact with the flame.

The wax is divided into 6 small cubes that break easily. Each cube lasts at least 7 hours until the oils inside evaporate completely.

Cleaning instructions: When the wax hardens, place the burner in the freezer for a few minutes and gently press it to the side.


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