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“Citrus Grove” soy wax cubes

“Citrus Grove” soy wax cubes

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One of my favorite travel spots is between orchards, right on the way out of Tel Aviv. The smell of the earth, the sour fruits, and the citrus flowers create a combination of smells that is one of my favorites - refreshing, fresh, and above all happy. I made several attempts until I was able to reach this great combination of scents.

These wax cubes contain pure natural essential oils of grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, neroli, and cedar, which gives a hint of a low earthy tone

Wax cubes are actually a substitute for essential oils that are added to oil burners.

Instructions for use: put a cube on the oil bowl of the burner, and it melts with the heat. The cubes retain the scent for a much longer time than drops of essential oils because the wax keeps the oil from the heat, and on the other hand, it melts more slowly than a scented candle because the cube does not have direct contact with the flame.

The wax is divided into 6 small cubes that break easily. Each cube lasts at least 7 hours until the oils inside evaporate completely.

Cleaning instructions: When the wax hardens, place the burner in the freezer for a few minutes and gently press it to the side.


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