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Cylindrical soap with sage and zatar

Cylindrical soap with sage and zatar

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Do you also like to do hiking? Feel the fatigue in the muscles, see the surrounding green, take a deep breath, and fill your lungs with clear air scented with plants and flowers? If so, this is the soap for you. I got the inspiration for this soap from the Galilee - those who travel around know that very often the predominant scent is of two simple but special plants - sage and za'atar.

But did you know that in addition to the special scent, these two plants also have wonderful medicinal properties? Both have been using antiseptics for thousands of years (a famous example of this can be found in the Torah, where the priests used Za'atar for disinfection in many cases), and are also anti-bacterial.

This soap contains sage, za'atar, and green clay. The combination of the three ingredients creates a fragrant soap - with a herbaceous, almost medicinal scent, which is particularly liked by people with a heart of nature. Healthy and luxurious, and also makes a quick shower as an experience of Israeli nature. The soap creates relatively large bubbles thanks to its blend of oils and excellent cleanser. I find that it can also reduce strong odors, such as the smell of fish or detergents.

The price is for 1 piece of soap.
Contains about 80 grams (soap is handmade so weight can change). Gross weight 90 gr.


Zaatar infusion in olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, lye, castor oil, sweet almond oil, clary sage essential oil, green clay, natural oxide.

✻ Warning
- Za'atar, and sage can dry milk in large quantities, we do not recommend pregnant women or breastfeeding to use this soap even though it contains tiny amounts of both plants.

Use and Storage

As long as the soap is not used, it is recommended to leave it in a ventilated and dry place. When using, to extend its shelf life, it is worth putting it in well-drained soap. Because the soap is completely natural, it does not contain any harsh substances and may soften slightly faster than synthetic soap.


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