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Deep Detox Clay Mask - sage, sever oil and rosemary

Deep Detox Clay Mask - sage, sever oil and rosemary

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For mixed to oily skin.

Purifying facial mask - provides a refreshing detox treatment for the facial skin.

Based on white clay (kaolin) - a pure natural mineral with the ability to absorb fats from the skin that helps treat pimples and clean pores.
A high concentration of organic Sabers oil, known as a "light" oil that is easily absorbed, shrinks the pores and thus helps improve the appearance and texture of the skin.
Organic rosemary oil - an antioxidant that helps purify, restore and protect the skin.
Organic sage oil - anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, helps stimulate and improve local blood circulation.

Proven effectiveness!
The mask has been clinically tested and proven to be effective in reducing the accumulation of sebum (fat) in the skin.
It was found that the level of fat in the skin was reduced by 24%.

Environmentally friendly tube!
Made from sugar cane and 100% renewable and recyclable raw materials.

How to use:
Apply on clean and dry skin, excluding the eye area.
Wait about 15 minutes until the mask dries a little and wash off with lukewarm water.
Recommended for use up to twice a week.

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