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Tree of Life

"Forest Night" Soy Candle

"Forest Night" Soy Candle

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A natural candle made of soy wax with a wooden thread that produces a steady flame.

A combination of essential oils of cedar, lemongrass, and juniper create a moist and delicate woody scent of the forest after the rain, such that you can hear the drops dripping even after the rain is over and when you breathe you can see the breathing fumes. The candle comes in a dark glass jar with a lid. The candle weighs about 100 grams, and it keeps burning for about 15 hours.

Some tips for keeping the candle and burning stable: - Make sure he is an adult around the candle along his burning, and that he is away from flammable objects or out of reach of children and animals. - It is advisable to shorten the fuse and make sure that it is about half a centimeter long. A shorter fuse will have difficulty burning, and a long fuse will create too large a flame that will cause the candle to end faster and the essential oils to evaporate. - In the initial lighting, it is recommended to let the candlelight for at least two hours - Unlike synthetic paraffin wax, soy wax is sensitive to rapid temperature differences and can crystallize into small grains after turning off. This is a purely cosmetic defect - there is no effect on combustion or odor, and they will disappear with further heating. Covering the candle jar with the lid after extinguishing can help prevent it.


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