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Teva Hagalil

Hair Serum

Hair Serum

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Hair serum from only natural ingredients.
Our 100% natural hair serum is rich in perilla oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and other natural ingredients.
The serum is intended for application on the scalp skin and helps in healthier hair growth.
The smell of the serum is from only high-quality essential oils
Does not contain: preservatives, parabens, synthetic perfumes, and other petroleum products.

Why apply the serum on the scalp and not use it as a cream? The serum is intended for hair that grows healthier and better, from the moment our hair comes out of the root it is already a "dead root" so it can be helped to look better by lubrication but the real importance is that the hair that grows will grow healthier.

Is the serum suitable for people with oily scalp and hair? Since the serum is made entirely of natural oils it is better not to overload the oily scalp with additional oils as they may alter the natural fat secretion of the hair, this feature is good for dry and normal hair but less for oily hair so we do not recommend using oily hair or oily scalp In serum.

50 ml - Gross weight 130 gr


Sweet almond oil, sesame oil, rosehip oil, castor oil, beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil, perilla oil, wheat germ oil, carrot oil, and essential oils.

A little about perilla oil - also called Russian buckthorn and hippopotamus, rich in vitamin E, beta carotene, omega 3, 6, and 9, used in China and Russia since ancient times as a powerful remedy for healing and restoring skin, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, the word hippopotamus in Greek means shiny horse, Numbers that horses that would have eaten from the fruits of the periwinkle would have produced shiny and beautiful fur.

A little about jojoba oil - Jojoba is a liquid wax, retains the skin's natural moisture, softens and nourishes it, it is very durable and therefore perfect for use in hair products that frequently meet the hot sun of our country.

A little about shea butter - the butter is extracted from the shea nuts that grow in the African prairie on the "Tree of Life", it is rich in fatty acids, vitamins A, F, and E, the rich composition of shea butter is what makes it perfect for treating dryness, sunburn, itching, stretch marks and more.

How can there be no preservatives in the serum? it does not spoil? The serum is made only of oils and therefore does not need preservatives, just as cooking oil does not need a preservative so that it does not spoil, the serum lasts about a year but in many cases, it lasts even longer, in any case, the serum itself does not spoil but the oils can be oxidized. The smell varies considerably, in such a situation the serum is not toxic of course but it is less beneficial because the oils in it have already lost their good properties.

How to use

Hold the bottle vertically and press the pump until 1-2 clicks of the serum are removed, apply on the fingertips and massage into the hair roots, with the help of the remnants you can lubricate the ends of the hair. Suitable for use on dry or wet hair.

Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes while using, if the sensitivity to one of the serum components is known to avoid using it.


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