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Har Bracha

Samaritan Tahini 500 gr

Samaritan Tahini 500 gr

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Kosher. Made from 100% sesame seeds.

In a small factory on Mount Gerizim, owned by the Samaritan Cohen family, produces "Har Bracha" tahini - kosher and fine tahini. "Har Bracha" gaining serious recognition on the market, mainly due to its deliciousness, which is made from the best raw materials. The tahini is made from the sesame seeds imported from Ethiopia, and it is made by an old-fashioned method that probably makes it so delicious.

Gross weight 550 gr


99.5% pure sesame seeds, 0.5% salt

Contains: sesame

Nutritional value

In 100 gr
Calories 699
Proteins (gr) 20.5
Carbohydrate (gr) 13.3
Of which sugars (gr) 1
Fat (gr) 62.8
Of which, fatty acids contain (gr) 9.4
Of which trans fatty acids (gr) less than 0.5 
Of which cholesterol (mg) less than 0.5
Sodium  (mg) 220
Calcium (mg) 128
Iron (mg) 6.7


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