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Limonana soap with Lemon and spearmint essential oils

Limonana soap with Lemon and spearmint essential oils

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There isn't a cold drink more famous in Israel than Limonana. Made with fresh lemon juice and Naana herb, It's the best drink for the Israeli summer.
As you can guess, this soap is made with the same combination - Fresh Lemon and Naana herb (a type of spearmint unique to the Mediterranean region).

The price is for 1 piece of soap.

Contains about 110 grams (soap is handmade so weight can change). Gross weight 130 gr.


Olive oil, cocoa butter, lemon, lemon essential oil, lye, coconut oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, naana herb, naana essential oil.

Use and Storage

As long as the soap is not used, it is recommended to leave it in a ventilated and dry place. When using, to extend its shelf life, it is worth putting it in well-drained soap. Because the soap is completely natural, it does not contain any harsh substances and may soften slightly faster than synthetic soap.

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