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Teva Hagalil

Lip Balm

Lip Balm

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Our 100% natural lip balm is rich in jojoba oil and shea butter spiced with a touch of chamomile flowers.

Our lip balm contains only natural oils and kinds of butter and therefore does not cause skin addiction, in most cases one application per day is enough.

Does not contain: preservatives, parabens, synthetic perfumes, and other petroleum products.
What is the difference between your lip balm and industrial creams? Our ointment is made from only natural oils and kinds of butter, industrial lipsticks are made from muslin, paraffin, and other petroleum derivatives that actually "work" on the skin, they make the skin "think" that it is oily enough and therefore it does not excrete the required amount of fat. Natural oils and butters do not interfere with the natural activity of the skin and their proper use even helps the skin to balance itself.

How can it be that there is no preservative in the ointment? it does not spoil? Butter is made from only natural oils and but therefore does not need preservatives, just as cooking oil does not need a preservative so that it does not spoil, the ointment is valid for about a year but in many cases, it lasts even longer, in any case, the ointment itself does not spoil. Prominent when the smell changes considerably, in such a situation the ointment is not toxic of course but it is less beneficial because the oils in it have already lost their good properties.

10 ml - Gross weight 30 gr


Cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, macadamia oil, jojoba oil, and chamomile flowers.
A little about jojoba oil - Jojoba is a liquid wax, maintains the skin's natural moisture, softens and nourishes it, it is very durable and therefore perfect for protecting the delicate lip skin that is frequently exposed to the hot sun of our country.

A little about shea butter - the butter is extracted from the shea nuts that grow in the African prairie on the "Tree of Life", it is rich in fatty acids, vitamins A, F, and E, the rich composition of shea butter is what makes it perfect for treating dryness, sunburn, itching, stretch marks and more.

A little about chamomile flowers - Chamomile flowers are known for their soothing properties and have been used for this since ancient times, they contain, among other things, the amino acid tryptophan, which causes stress relief. Chamomile is used cosmetically in many preparations and helps soothe and heal the skin.

How to use

Using a clean finger, take some of the ointment and apply it on the lips.

Warnings: Eye contact should be avoided during use if the sensitivity to one of the serum components is known to be avoided.
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