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100% Natural Rose-quartz Stone Gua Sha - Face Massage Tool

100% Natural Rose-quartz Stone Gua Sha - Face Massage Tool

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The Guasha is a tool that comes to us from Chinese medicine, it is made of rose quartz or green jade stone and is intended for massage and treatment of the facial and body skin. This massage action does wonders for our skin.

The Guasha massage stimulates the blood flow in the face and increases the production of collagen and elastin and the result is a more supple, radiant, and vital skin and of course an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and slowing their formation.

* The Gua Sha is made from the quartz crystal (mineral in nature), so due to being a natural stone, its color ranges from a pale pink. The color varies from stone to stone, from Gua Sha to Gua Sha = no two Guasha are identical. Each Guasha is handmade and hence the differences between them.

100 gr - Gross weight 160 gr


100% Rose-quartz natural stone + 2 ml serum

How to use

Use gouache on clean skin only, apply natural oil serum/quality oil in cold pressing! And begin with a massage from the neck in upward and outward strokes.

Continue to the jawline, chin area, mouth, cheeks, space between eyebrows all the way to forehead and hairline.

Do not press too hard on the skin so that no marks are formed, apply pressure according to the feeling - you should enjoy the feeling of the massage.

Working upwards creates a clear path for the drainage of fluids in the facial skin. In addition, it releases busy muscles and circulates the blood.

It is recommended to do the massage with the Gua Sha at least 3 times a week before bed. If you could do that every night it would all be wonderful.


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