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Organic Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosemary Officinails)

Organic Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosemary Officinails)

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Origin - Spain
Production method - steam distillation
The plant part - blossom + leaves.

The rosemary plant is identified with the Mediterranean basin, the origin of the name is from the Latin word "ROS MARINUS" which means the dew of the sea.

The reason for this is that the scent of rosemary envelops the sea and gives it its spicy shade.

The botanical name and the suffix "officinalis" indicates that it is a medicinal plant, which has been used by healers for many years. Rosemary oil has several main uses, it is used to sharpen memory and concentration, by stimulating the mind and brain to action, it increases blood flow and clarifies thought and mental perception .

Can be combined with basil and grapefruit oil.

The rosemary oil is characterized by a fresh herbaceous aroma, which leaves a feeling of warmth but with a sweet tone at the end.

This fragrance indicates that the oil also helps in the treatment of the respiratory system, the oil will be excellent for colds, coughs, asthma, and bronchitis.

The oil has astringent and warming properties.

The warming quality of the oil also helps to treat joint pain, tight muscles, and sports injuries that originate from blood stagnation or contraction of muscle fibers.

In natural cosmetics, the oil is mainly used for hair products, in which we want to disinfect, stimulate blood, treat dandruff, dermatitis, and oily skin, care for the appearance and renewal of the hair, give shine, removing lice.

In addition, the oil will be used in products to prevent varicose veins, and repel mosquitoes and other insects.

Mixes well with: lavender, citronella, bergamot, and tea tree.

* For use by inhalation only, on a burner, or by dripping a few drops on a cloth.


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