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Pomegranate soap for the face

Pomegranate soap for the face

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Pomegranate facial soap, suitable for all skin types. The soap contains pomegranate seed oil which is rich in vitamins and has skin softening and anti-aging properties. In addition, the soap contains red clay and a mixture of quality essential oils of lavender, juniper, rosemary, lemon grass and jasmine.

About 100 grams (the soap is handmade, so the weight may vary).

Use and storage: As long as the soap is not used, it is recommended to leave it in a ventilated and dry place. During use, to extend its shelf life, you should put it in soapy water with good drainage. Since the soap is completely natural, it does not contain hardeners and may soften a little faster than synthetic soap.

Warning - thyme and sage can dry up milk in large quantities, I do not recommend pregnant or nursing women to use this soap even though it contains tiny amounts of both plants.


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