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Simple soap

Simple soap

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This soap is a 'clean' soap - it does not contain any additives, colors, or essential oils. I made it following your repeated requests. The weight of the soap is about 110 grams. The soap comes without packaging at all. So why is it good?

- For people who want to switch to natural soap but the prices are expensive for them. I do my best to lower the prices of my regular products, but since natural raw materials are significantly more expensive than synthetic ones (especially when it comes to a small business like mine), sometimes the price differences can be high. Reducing essential oils and various additives from the soap lowers the price of the soap with it.

- As a basis for preparing various cleaning agents. Starting with washing powder, liquid soap, dish soap, cleaning surfaces and more. If you are interested in the preparation of ecological cleaning products, natural soap is a great raw material, and nowadays it is very difficult to find natural soap without additives and without palm oil.
- For people who like simplicity. Even without any additives, natural soap has a very pleasant smell.


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