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Solid shampoo for oily hair

Solid shampoo for oily hair

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Solid natural shampoo for normal to oily hair, contains a mixture of essential oils of cedar, sage, rosemary, orange and lemon, which give a refreshing herbal scent with a touch of citrus and also help balance the amount of oil on the scalp. The shampoo is made of gentle surfactants derived from coconut oil, plus a host of natural ingredients to strengthen and enrich the hair - aloe vera extract, spirulina powder, nettle leaves, rice protein, vitamins E and B5 and glycerin.

So what exactly is solid shampoo? This is a version of the shampoo we know, only without the water and most importantly - without the bottle. Solid shampoo is very concentrated and enough for dozens of washes. It is small, lightweight, and convenient to take on trips and trips.

how to use? Wet the hair well and rub the shampoo into the head, on the ends of the hair and along it until enough foam is produced to your liking. Then massage the shampoo into the hair roots and scalp. A written explanation can sound a bit complicated, but the use is simple and fun. You can also use a conditioner afterwards, but most likely you will feel that there is no need at all, because the shampoo contains some softening agents.

Ingredients: sodium cocoyl isethionate (fine natural foaming agent), sodium lauryl sulfo-acetate (natural foaming agent from coconut oil, no relation between it and sodium lauryl sulfate despite the similar name), coco amido betaine (fine liquid natural foaming agent), vegetable glycerin, sodium lactate, BTMS 50, coconut oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, quinoa protein, cetrimonium chloride, panthenol (vitamin B5), vitamin E, aloe vera extract, pink clay, Sligard (natural preservative), polyquaternium 10, essential oils: cedar, rosemary, lavender , Neroli.

*All the raw materials are natural, gentle, and come from plants. The shampoo does not contain synthetic substances, animal products, SLS, SLES, parabens or petroleum derivatives. The first ingredient on the list, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate is not SLS. Despite the very similar name, it is a very mild surfactant that does not contain sulfates and is made from coconut

Weight: about 80 grams. The shampoo is handmade, so the weight may vary slightly.


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