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SOS Skin Relief Cream

SOS Skin Relief Cream

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For itchy, very dry & irritated skin. Special care suitable for psoriasis, seborrhea, burns, bites, acne & very dry skin.

Innovative vegan and unique effective skincare that relieves itchy, very dry, and irritated skin by reducing redness and helping to prevent skin infections.

Rapidly heals and soothes the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated, soft, and comfortable. Best cream for dry itchy skin.

Enjoy an ultimate sensorial beauty experience:

FEEL the rich texture on the skin

SEE immediate benefits & results on the skin: skin is healed. Skin is hydrated, soft, and comfortable.

Active Ingredients

  • Precious mineral complex: Combination of essential Dead Sea minerals & a high concentration of natural active ingredients (energizing vitamins & unique plant extracts). Maintains normal skin hydration level
  • Provides and promotes natural moisture. Strengthens the natural protection of the skin. Improves skin texture as well as hair & scalp conditions.
  • Vitamin A ~ Vitamin A is known to be important in the assistance of skin renewal. It contains natural retinol.
  • Vitamin B ~ Helps the skin hold onto moisture by creating an evaporation barrier that also helps protect against environmental damage.
  • Vitamin E ~ Can help support cell function and skin health.
  • Vitamin F ~ Is rich in Omega 6 which is essential for maintaining healthy skin.
  • Sea buckthorn: A natural oil rich in lycopene and beta carotene nourishes and soothes skin.
  • Aloe vera ~ Contains certain compounds called polysaccharides, which can help in encourage skin repair.
  • Horse chestnut seed extract ~ A powerful extract that contains B-complex vitamins and vitamin K that help to maintain the skin’s healthy look.


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