Collection: Eretz Gshur

The process of producing the Eretz Gshur olive oil includes total control of each part of it: from vineyards' location and type of soil, through self-production of seedlings to the harvesting process, production of the oil and preservation in stainless steel containers in the modern oil press.

Using the mechanical harvester of Gshur allows harvesting a large number of olives in a short time. It also allows a quick arrival of the olives to the oil press – 2-4 hours from the beginning of the same day's harvest. This quickness allows immediate production of oil before oxidation starts. This is how we prevent unwanted aftertastes and acidity increases. The strictness continues in the oil press, where we keep the low pressing temperature and a minimal mixing length, in order to keep the healthy components and unique aromas of each species. Kosher by the department of Rabbi Yishai Samuel, Golan Heights district.