Collection: Tree of Life

Tree of Life is made by Daniela that started five years ago as a hobby that quickly turned into a dream job.
She is a proud Israeli artist that loves and honors her country and heritage. The inspiration for products is from the Bible and unique local nature. Many of the ingredients are locally sourced by Daniela and other businesses of Jews, Christians, Druze, and Arabs.
Products are entirely natural, vegan, and palm oil-free.
✻ Bright neon of artificial colorants is replaced with herbs, spices, colorful clays, and natural pigments.
✻ Instead of the heavy scent of synthetic fragrances, is by essential oils like Eucalyptus, Mint, Geranium, and more essential oils with amazing smells.
✻ Products don't contain petroleum-based detergents. Instead, natural cold-pressed vegetable oils and butter are used, and infusions of medicinal herbs and spices that many are picked, dried and ground personally by Daniela.
The goal is simple- to unite art with nature. To know how to combine essential oils, butter, and medicinal herbs into one product.